Art House


Art House was founded by Julio Reyes Copello (Meet Los Producers: Julio Reyes Copello) to discover, produce, and support honest music. In its creative space, artists can truly feel free to write or record their music while having access to the most polished production and engineering possible; all of Art House’s endeavors are treated with profound respect. Its core is the deep appreciation of the Art, and regardless of genre or language, music created within its walls connects with people by staying true to its transformative power. In a world filled with noise, Art House is a sanctuary for true music, freedom, and artistic expression.

As a recording studio Art House is home to Ricky Martin’s 2015 GRAMMY winning album A Quien Quiera Escuchar (Deluxe Edition), as well as Pablo Alborán’s new 2017 álbum Prometo, and more. As a record label, Art House has discovered, developed, and released the debut projects of Juan Pablo Vega, Brika, Paula Arenas, and BOGART. Art House also provides a platform for collaborations with some of the most inspiring artists today, leading with a creative association with the wondrous Natasha Bedingfield.

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Art House Records (Label) contact[at]miamiart[dot]house